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Incense Oils & Burners

Incense Oils and Burners will fill your room with the delicate scents of aromatherapy using oil burners for essential oils from Turkish Bath and Beyond. Often called “oil warmers” and “essential oil lamps” as well, they are all the same fun way of filling your space with clean, smoke-free scents. There are actually 3 individual components these items; the oil warmer itself, a tealight, and your choice of any essential oils for burners (making your own blends for a uniquely-you scented space is something we all enjoy here at the shop). Incense Oils and Burners are not only going to make your home or bathroom smell god but also will make a great home or bathroom accessory by its authentic look.

Available in a variety of materials including soapstone, brass, ceramic, and pewter you are sure to find the perfect oil burner to create the most pleasant atmosphere for any environment. Create a welcoming environment and awaken your senses with these attractive essential oil burners. Incense Oils and Burners are getting more popular today because of the authenticity they have and also being a great non smoking alternative solution to classic stick incenses. You will find wide variety and colors of incense burners as well as incense oils in our local stores and website.

Turkish Bath and Beyond is pleased to offer this wonderful selection of exotic extracts of plant & flowers essences, natural essential oils, fragrance oils and perfumes.