Welcome to Turkish Bath & Beyond

Turkish Bath and Beyond provides authentic and natural Turkish Bath items with memorable customer services at reasonable prices.  Our goal is to inform our valued customers around the world about the benefits of the Turkish Bath; which is considered one of the healthiest things that people should try at least once in their life time. As TB&B we want to be the number one brand that provides natural and organic Turkish bath items in the world.

TB&B was founded on March 2012 with the aim to introduce the world, traditional Turkish bath items by focusing on originality and authenticity along with the environmental aspect of the produced goods. We inform our customers around the world about the benefits of the Turkish Bath.  Using our organic and natural goods creates a beneficial contribution towards to our health and environment.

Turkish Bath and Beyond  sells 100% natural and organic Turkish Bath items, ranging from bath soaps, body scrubs and beautiful hand woven organic Turkish towels and bathrobes. The olive oil soaps are handmade and produced in a small village in Turkey, and are made from 100 % olive oil with no extra unnecessary ingredients or added preservatives, therefore it is good for your skin and does not irritate it. They are naturally creamy and last for a long time, much longer than your average bottle of shower gel! We recommend anyone to try our home made organic olive oil soaps, along with the natural sea sponges or natural body exfoliators which are brilliant for removing dead skin cells and leaving your body feeling soft and renewed. Turkish Bath and Beyond also offers various other body care products, including bath milks, scented dead sea salts in strawberry, mango and chocolate scents, aromatherapy massage lotions and oils as well as cellulite and medical massage oils.
Aside from body care products, Turkish Bath and Beyond also sells peshtemals (traditional antibacterial Turkish Bath towels) and  which are woven from bamboo, flax, beech tree or cotton, depending on your preference. The peshtemals are particularly useful in the summer season when going to the beach or taking a boat trip, as they are small enough to fit in your bag and very absorbent so both you and it dry off quickly!

Why not treat yourself to relaxing oils, lotions, soaps, textiles and other Turkish Bath items and experience soothing, rejuvenating and ultimately refreshing feeling it leaves for your body and mind.